About Us


Our Mission

The Community Garden Council of Waterloo Region envisions a strong, supportive infrastructure enabling residents to plant and harvest their own food.  Our mission is to promote and sustain community gardens throughout Waterloo Region.

The Community Garden Council meets the third Tuesday of every month except for July and sometimes August and December.  Our meetings are open to the public. Please visit the Council Minutes page to view previous meeting notes.


image of a garden with an apartment building in the background 

About The Community Garden Council

First things first, what is a community garden? A community garden is a group of people that get together to plant and harvest a garden. Sometimes it is a communal plot where everybody invests in the same garden with the harvest being shared; other community gardens allocate individual plots to gardeners to plant on their own.  However a community garden is managed, the common factor is a community of people.

Community gardens don’t spring up out of a vacuum, they require people with a desire to grow their own food to gather a community of gardeners, find available land, till and plant the gardens, maintain the gardens, harvest, clean-up, and prepare the garden for the winter. Often these self-starting people can achieve great results on their own but with some help, experiences and solutions to problems can be shared. This is where the Community Garden Council comes in; we promote and support community gardens within Waterloo Region.

The Community Garden Council promotes gardens through our work towards supportive municipal policies. We also attend many local food events in the region to increase awareness of community gardens and to maintain a connection with the local food community. Support for community gardens comes in many forms:

  • We help people to start community gardens (e.g., letters of support, checklists, information resources etc.)
  • We help community gardens connect with other gardens with annual events
  • We help connect people to open plots in community gardens
  • We organize compost delivery each spring for new gardens to condition their soil
  • We support gardens at municipal meetings for applications or in the event problems arise
  • We work towards accessible gardening for people with physical challenges that may make traditional gardening difficult (e.g., wheelchair accessible raised garden beds)
  • We work towards gardening that is ethno-culturally inclusive
  • We work towards gardening that is socioeconomically inclusive (e.g., annual cost for a garden plot should be minimal or free)


Positions on Council

How do we achieve our goals on council? With people that care about gardening. We have people from all walks of life on our council and we are looking for more people with different goals and skills.  We have a variety of positions on council with the flexibility to adapt positions to unique candidates. Consider this an open invitation to attend a community garden council meeting and get involved! Visit the Get Connected section of the website to fill out a brief volunteer application form and someone from the council will get in touch with you. Also, to stay connected, you can sign up to receive our monthly newsletter or read our blog posts.

Please refer to the Community Garden Council Terms of Reference for more information.