Chandler-Mowat CG

Open To: Neighborhood residents

Number of Plots:  22

Plot Size: 5' x 10'

Cost per Plot: Call for information

Services Provided: Land, water, garden shed, accessible garden beds, tools and pathways

Description:  This garden started in partnership with the Foodbank of Waterloo Region, the Chandler Mowat Community Centre and the City of Kitcherner in 1999. The City provides the land, the Centre provides water and telephone support.  

This garden is truly inclusive with gardeners from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Gardeners with different physical abilities are also able to garden using the newly built raised beds and garden pathways.  Garden socials are always interesting.

Contact information

Contact Name: Call the Community Centre

Phone:  519-570-3610


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222 Chandler Dr
Kitchener N2E 3L7