Crestview Community Garden

Crestview Community Garden

Plots: 6

Size: 60 sq feet (6' x 10')

Description: The Crestview Community Garden is located at Crestview Public School in Kitchener on Montcalm Drive in Kitchener. The garden was built in 2013 through a partnership of the school and the school volunteers. Thanks to the City of Kitchener's CEIG, the garden was awarded a grant to create a larger garden space with accessible beds and an attractive design for the front of the school.

The garden is intended for two primary reasons:

  • Opening up an area for community members to grow their own food on otherwise what would be grass.
  • To create a place where students of the school can see where good food comes from, and how it grows, and how they can learn to grow their own food.

Contact information

Contact garden coordinator: Darrick Hahn


Phone: 519-503-7375

Facebook: Crestview Community Garden


153 Montcalm Drive Crestview Public School
Kitchener N2B 2R6