Doon Pioneer Park CG

Doon Pioneer Park CG

As you know, the community garden has been left to nature for some time now.  Though there are still some remnants of human efforts to cultivate the land, it is little more than a few herbs and the bright happy faces of daffodils.  This year will be another of wild life as the community centre moves forward in construction.  Opening is scheduled for the fall of 2019 so we are hopeful that we will be able to re initiate gardening in the Spring of 2020. The commencement of that season will be unlike the past as gardeners will be expected to roll up their sleeves and truly dig in with enthusiasm.  We welcome all who are willing to fully participate in this great new venture.  

This community garden is closed this year - 2019 due to construction on the Doon Valley Community Centre.

Open To: Neighborhood residents

Number of Plots:  16

Plot Size: 20' pie shaped plots

Cost per Plot: $10.00

Services Provided: Water, compost bins, garden tools, storage shed

Description:  This garden is designed in the shape of a wagon wheel with a medicine (herbal plot) wheel in the centre to pay tribute to the native and pioneer heritage of this area.  Perrenial flowers surround the fence. Plots are planted individually but the flower beds and pathways are cared for by all gardeners.

Contact information

Contact Name: Brigitte and Bob Zanini


Email: and or

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150 Pioneer Dr Pioneer Park
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