Grants up to $4,000 with Edible Trees!

Beautify your neighbourhood, and bring fresh fruits or nuts to your community all at the same time through the Edible Tree program. The program offers funding of up to $4,000 and other resources for community-based projects that provide residents with access to fresh fruit and nut trees while making a positive difference to the Canadian environment including:

  • Increases equitable access to healthy food,
  • Strengthens communities by empowering neighbors to share in the harvest and care of city-grown food resources,
  • Benefits the local community by providing access to the trees and their fruit by the public ( i.e. food banks, volunteers, community kitchens),
  • Meets the needs of the community and includes creative plans for the produce grown,
  • Takes place within a geographic area suitable for growing fruit and nut trees,
  • Protects and preserves the Canadian environment,
  • Assists residents in understanding and participating in environmental activities in local communities

Funding is available, but not limited to, community gardening groups, community housing projects, communities, school, parks and arboretums. Click here to learn more about who can apply and details on how to apply.