Planting Calendar


Growing your own food can be both fun and challenging in Ontario.  Like many generations of people before you, you are at the mercy of our crazy climate. Luckily, many people have sorted out what grows best when, and there is a wealth of information available online, at local nurseries, green houses and within your community. If you like books, there are many garden guides available in local librairies or at the Public Health Resource Centre. Find a book that interests you and answers your questions about gardening.

New gardeners are often overwhelmed by the thought of starting a garden from scratch. Community gardens are a great place to start gardening because there are often other people who are skilled gardeners and can offer advice. Generally, gardening success depends on proper planning. Choosing the perfect spot for your gardens, right seeds or healthy plants that will meet your needs, building your soil profile and the right amount of sun and water are crucial.

Are you unsure about when to start planting your vegetables? Which veggies need to be grown indoors first, or which can be planted straight into your garden? Check out these two websites for information on starting your vegetable garden:

Garden Guides
How Stuff Works

Also, see below for a planting schedule, appropriate for Southern Ontario climate, to answer some of your questions. Beginners are also encouraged to take advantages of any local courses or workshops that are available.

Southwestern Ontario Planting Calendar



Indoor seeding





Seeds per


 Beans (yellow or green)    Late May- Late June   -
 Beets    Mid-May   50
Broccoli Mid-April   May 300
Brussel Sprouts Mid April   Mid to late May 300


  May  300-500

 Cabbage (Chinese)

   Early July    300
 Carrots    Mid-May   700
 Cauliflower Mid-April     Late May  300
 Celeriac  Mid-March    Mid to late May 2 500
 Celery Mid-March   Mid to late May  2 500
 Chard  Mid-April Mid-May  Mid-May 50
 Chicory    Early July    600
 Chives March  Mid-May Early May  300-500
 Corn    Mid-May   -
 Cucumber Early May  Late May Early June  35
 Eggplant  Late March    Early June 150
 Garlic      October or early May  -
 Ground Cherry Late March    Early June 300
 Kohirabi  Mid-May      500
 Leeks  Early March    Early May  400
 Lettuce (Head)  Mid-April    Late May 800
 Lettuce (Leaf)  Mid-April  Early May Late May  800
 Muskmelon  Mid to late April    Early June 35
 Onions  Early March

 Early May (tie in bunches)

Early May  250
 Parsley  Early March  Early May  Early May 600
 Parnsnip   Mid-May    220
 Peas   Mid-May     2-6
 Peppers  Late March   Early June  150
 Potatoes    Mid-May   -
 Pumkin  Early May  Mid-May Early June  4
 Radishes    May-June   120
 Rutabaga    Mid-May    300
 Salsify  Mid-May      100
 Shallots (Autumn)      Late August  -
 Shallots (Spring)      Early May -
 Spinach    Mid-May    90
 Tomatoes Late March - Mid April    Early June


Turnips   Mid-May    400-750
Watermelon Mid to Late May    Early June  20