rare Springbank Community Garden

rare Springbank Community Garden

Open To: Plot rentals open to anyone

Number of Plots:  110

Plot Size:  30' x 10'

Cost per Plot:  $30.00 plus $20.00 deposit for first year (to be returned after successful completion of season)

Services Provided:  Tools, mulch, water, washrooms are all available onsite

Description: We strive to provide a space for those interested in growing their own fresh organic produce, like being outdoors, and enjoy a sense of community. We want to create a bustling, multicultural, muligenerational community to share knowledge and build relationships - all in the name of education and responsible land stewardship.

The benefits of community gardening are many and varied, including everything from better health to community building. The thinking goes like this: gardening your own food gives you acess to a variety of fresh produce that supports nutritional health, and the exercise that you get helps promote healthy living. The food isn't the only thing that grows at the gardens - gardeners get to know one another and often friendships flourish. There are also benefits to the environment as rainwater is filtered through gardens, and growing food locally means long transortation routes aren't necessary. Please note the use of pesticides and synthetic fertillzers are prohibited as rare is committed to organic agriculture methods.

Contact information

Contact name:  Taryn WoodnoteSaberwing

Phone:  519-650-9336 ext:  115

Email:  taryn.woodnotesaberwing@raresites.org

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Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/raresites

Twitter: https://twitter.com/raresites

Blog: https://raresites.wordpress.com/


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Cambridge N1R 5S3
Phone519-650-9336 x 115