Supportive Housing Community Gardens

Open To: Residents of HOF Supportive Housing program and open to outside volunteer help.

Number of Plots: Several communal plots

Sponsored by: House of Friendship, Supportive Housing

Description: House of Friendship's Supportive Housing program offers affordable and permanent housing, community, and support to single adults, many of whom live with various health challenges.  Beginning in 2013, the garden project enables all tenants to work together to plan, develop and maintain a variety of gardening spaces and to learn how to harvest and prepare the produce they grow. The gardens provide opportunities for residents to strengthen life-skills, achieve personal goals, and develop relationships.

We are grateful to past funders, volunteers and friends of the progam for enabling us to create beautiful, vibrant gardens and garden programming. We are actively seeking volunteer support from the community to help us maintain and enhance our gardening programming. Please contact us for more information.

Contact information


Charles Village./Cramer House/Eby Village