Vibrant Farms Organic Community Garden

Vibrant Farms Organic Community Garden

Open To:  People who are looking for and willing to commit to medium (500 sq ft) to larger (1000 sq ft) plots and can garden independently. Happy to have people interested in taking initiative and working on some of the perennial and other communal garden projects.

Number of Plots:  Approximately 10 larger plots (500 sq ft), entire garden is approximately a 1/4 acre.

Cost per season: Cost varies dependent on size. Approx. $100.00 for 500 sq ft. Call or email for more information so that we can find a price that works for both of us :).

Description: This garden is located on the Vibrant Farms Organic Beef family farm approximately 20 minutes from the edge of KW, 10 mins north of Baden and 5 mins south of Wellesley. Water, mulch (straw or wood chips) and raw manure available on site. The soil is a clay loam soil with lots of organic matter added, easy for planting and good soil fertility. The farm has been certified organic since 1986. There are lots of perennials and trees around the edge of the garden which you are more than welcome to tend to . Honey bee hives onsite and two beautiful willows to provide a cool place to take a break in the hammock. Small fire pit and work shed with all necessary tools available. You are welcome to bring your own tools, we just ask that you label them. Plots come tilled and ready for planting middle of May. Plots will need to be empited in order to be wintereized end of October, beginning of November.

All we ask is that you leave the garden in better condition than you found it :). 

Please call or email to set up a time to come and the garden and meet me, so I can answer all your questions and provide a thorough orientation of the garden!

Contact information

Contact Name: Laura Baer

Phone:  226-868-6083




2669 Carmel-Koch Rd
N3A 3R9