Water Tower Gardens

Water Tower Gardens

Open to: Adults. Four double plots are currently available to rent.

Number of Plots: 24 plots, 3 raised beds (one wheelchair height bed and two standing beds)

Plot Size: 4' x 10'

Cost per Plot: $20 for a single 4x10 plot; $35 for a double plot 8x10; $15 for an accessible plot. Applications accepted from March 1 to 31st.

Services Provided: Onsite storage shed, rain barrels for water, some accessible tools, garden area is secured by a locked fence, wheelchair/walker accessible hard surface and sloped side walks for easy accessibility.

Description: This garden is located on the site of the former Preston Heights Water Tower. Upon demolition of the tower, the site was repurposed for the use of a community garden. It is an 'accessible' garden in such that we provide raised beds of various heights, and an interlock brick surface for mobility. The shed and tools provided are also designed for those that require specialized access to tools. There are 24 single plots that may be rented as double beds as well. Each gardener is required to participate in a 'community task' such as lawn mowing, garbage removal, etc... A task that supports the maintenance of the Garden as a welcoming space. This garden also has a large berry patch as well as 18 fruit bearing trees.

Note: Water Towers Garden is located behind an apartment building at 355 Linden Drive (short-term parking available). 

Contact information

Contact Name: Preston Heights Community Group

Telephone: 519-650-2971 

Email: phcg@golden.net

Social Media Links: www.facebook.com/prestonheightscommunity


350 Linden Dr.
Cambridge N3H 5N7