Why seed saving is so important!

You love to garden!  You planted your favourite veggies, herbs and flowers in the spring, watched them sprout, watered them diligently, added compost, weeded and mulched, observed bees pollinating, reaped the harvest, and savoured delicious flavours as you cooked and preserved your bounty.  Now the garden season is nearly over - or is it?  What about all those seeds?

There are many reasons gardeners might want to save seeds, and it's not hard to do once you learn the basics.  First of all, here are a few thoughts on why seed saving is so important:

a) Adaptated varieties - Saving your own seeds creates new varieties that are perfectly adapted to your own growing conditions.

b) Saves money - Saving your own seeds saves money (you can replant next season, or trade with other gardeners).

c) Preserves genetic diversity - Saving your own seeds preserves the genetic diversity of heirloom plants.

d) Choose your tastes - Saving your own seeds allows you to grow food suited exactly to your tastes.

e) Chance to learn - Saving your own seeds provides a wonderful learning opportunity for you & your family.

To learn more about how to save seeds:

  • Consider attending the Seed Saving Workshop at Little City Farm, Sat Sept 10 from 1-3 pm.  Taarini Chopra, staff member from Seeds of Diversity, will lead this class.  More info available at: info@littlecityfarm.ca - Please register in advance.