Write your own blog post!

Welcome to the Community Garden Council of Waterloo Region blog! Our hope is that this blog will be used as an opportunity to hear from you, to ask questions, contribute knowledge and share stories about community gardens. We are very excited about using this new tool and hope it will increase collaboration and interaction between community gardeners in Waterloo Region.

Stay in touch for topics such as:

  • “What will you grow in your spring garden this year?”
  • “Helpful gardening tips”
  • “Attack of the rabbits and squirrels! What do I do?”
  • “Benefits to Community Gardens: Community Builder, Fresh and Affordable foods, Stress relief…”


Blogs can look like anything, from a favorite recipe to heirloom seeds, different gardening techniques, or sharing a story of your community garden experiences.

Write your own blog post!

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts, click the green box at the top right of the blog page and then create a title, attach a photo and type your text directly into the box that is provided. Then click save at the bottom. Once you submit your blog, it won’t automatically appear on the website -don’t worry this normal! We will review all posts first and then we’d be more than happy to publish your blog to the website! Please leave a ccontact name and email address or phone number in case we have any questions about your post. 

Keep in mind that blogs are an informal or conversational style of learning. Here are a few tips on writing a blog:

  • Pick your focus. Write about something that matters to you so your passion will shine through!
  • Be yourself and find your voice! Tell your story and share your feelings and thoughts. 
  • Include photos that you have taken yourself (make sure you don't copy photos from others or websites without permission). 
  • Include your name or Signature at the end of your Blog post if you would like it listed. Alternatively, you can chose to write annonymous. If you are open to others contacting you for more information on the topic you've writen about, you can include contact information in your blog post. 


We look forward to hearing what you have to say about Community Gardens.